01  Advocacy

iHELP is committed to advocating for equitable medical and healthcare-related school admissions practices throughout the U.S. We also work to ensure that students and professionals have the support and resources they need to succeed within their respective health-related fields.

02  Education

iHELP provides online and in-person professional development opportunities for current and aspiring healthcare professionals. In addition, our youth engagement programs and activities provide K-12 students a number of opportunities to gain direct exposure to various health-related fields.

03 Mentorship

At iHELP, our focus is on building and sustaining pipelines to various healthcare professions where the historic underrepresentation of Blacks is evident. We do this by ensuring that substantive mentor/mentee relationships are built at every level, from the K-12 student to the mid-career professional.

National Association for Black Veterinarian

The National Association for Black Veterinarians (NABV) was founded as an initiative of iHELP to increase the number of Black people within the Veterinary Medicine profession.

3rd Annual Conference June 8-10, 2023!

Join us June 8-10, 2023, for our 2nd annual conference in New Orleans, LA! The conference will include several notable speakers, research presentations, a college and career fair, and more.  Registration will open in September 2023, so SAVE THE DATES!

“The state of affairs for Blacks in Veterinary Medicine cannot continue on the current trajectory. The National Association for Black Veterinarians will work collectively toward a more diverse and inclusive profession for both current and future Black veterinarians.”

-Dr. Annie J. Daniel, NABV Founder